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Shader the Sinner ([personal profile] impurrfectprofessor) wrote2016-06-21 11:59 pm
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HI GUYS. I care a lot about keeping my characters as IC as possible, but I'm not perfect! If you notice any issues you'd like to give me some constructive criticism on (or a question about a characterization or plot choice), please please PLEASE drop me a line here. I'm serious, I crave concrit like Shader craves cute kids to hug.

This post *should* be anon-enabled with IP logging off. If it isn't (I tend to be forgetful) definitely smack me in a PM or something and I'll be sure to fix it. O7 I generally don't screen comments in my HMDs because I like to have conversations about characterization stuff and I like people to be able to see if an issue's been addressed before. I'm willing to turn screening on if people would prefer though.